What Politicians Need to Know About You – By Steve Safran

Cygnal Pulse Podcast

In this roundtable discussion, Executive VP Chris Kratzer is joined by Dr. Peter Wish, Author of The Candidate’s 7 Deadly Sins, and Cygnal Pollster John Rogers. Together in this roundtable they discuss how you can tap into voter emotions in this home stretch before midterms. Listen now!

Using the Power of His Book, Dr. Peter A. Wish is Pioneering a New Approach to Political Campaigns

  • Mayor Arroyo joined Friends of the Selby Public Library
  • Cygnal Pulse Podcast
    Brent and Chris from Cygnal had me on their Pulse Podcast to examine the role voter’s emotions can have on campaigns. The better a candidate understand’s their supporters’ emotions, the better they can communicate and build rapport with the voters. LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS LISTEN ON GOOGLE PODCASTS LISTEN ON SPOTIFY LISTEN ON STITCHER LISTEN… Read more: Cygnal Pulse Podcast
  • Inteview on Mooch.FM
    Just got finished being interviewed on Anthony Scaramucci’s podcast “Mooch.FM” alongside Don Lemon and Steve Kettman. We talked about the current political climate as well as what the future holds for the GOP. Fast forward to the 54 minute mark for my segment. LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS LISTEN ON STITCHER LISTEN ON GOOGLE PODCASTS LISTEN… Read more: Inteview on Mooch.FM
  • The Armstrong Williams Show
    The other day I was interviewed by the esteemed author, podcast host and political commentator, Mr. Armstrong Williams. We talked about Mitt Romney, Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, and how the Candidate’s 7 Deadly Sins came into play in this pivotal election.
  • Author Hour Podcast
    Here’s a link to my appearance on the Author Hour Podcast with Nikki Van Noy. I had a great time being interviewed and would like to thank them for having me! LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS LISTEN OR READ ON AUTHORHOUR.COM
  • Politics of Truth Podcast
    This week Bob speaks with Dr. Peter A. Wish, a psychologist who has advised candidates for Congress, Senate, and the Presidency on how to connect with voters.   Dr. Wish’s latest book, “The Candidate’s 7 Deadly Sins”, details the biggest mistakes that candidates make when trying to connect emotionally. He explains the forces that dissuade candidates from being their most authentic selves,… Read more: Politics of Truth Podcast
  • Interview w/ Cygnal CEO
    Back in August I sat down with the CEO of Cygnal Polling & Analytics, Brent Buchanan, to talk about some pre-election strategies and the 7 Deadly Sins Book. Brent zoomed in on the importance of storytelling for candidates to connect with voters, and had great insights where the data really backs it up. READ THE… Read more: Interview w/ Cygnal CEO
  • Anthony Scaramucci Interview
    Former White House Communications Director for the Trump Administration, Anthony Scaramucci sits down with Dr. Wish to discuss his future best-selling book “The Candidates 7 Deadly Sins” and the Coronavirus lock down. This is a must-watch SALT talk between two colleagues who dive deep into the emotional optics Mr. Scaramucci’s former boss seems to know… Read more: Anthony Scaramucci Interview
  • Coronavirus & The Campaign Trail
    Recently I was quoted in the Sarasota Herald Tribune for an article titled “What the Sarasota County campaign trail looks like during COVID-19”. I spoke about the importance and difficulty of conveying authenticity over social media and other digital campaign channels. READ FULL ARTICLE